"Uncle Herman" has been accepted by Louisiana Literature Press for an anthology of poems on the Mississippi River.

Good news: two of my poems, "The Pie Crust Thief" and "The Foot Fondler Speaks," have been accepted for the next issue of THIRD WEDNESDAY.

A new poem titled "Reflections on Light" has been accepted by the journal EARTH'S DAUGHTERS for the upcoming issue on "light."

Stella's poem titled "All Soul's Day" will be published next fall in the Christian Century.

Stella has two poems, "Home Fires" and "Flower, Rock, Earth," accepted for publication in Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture in 2014.

"Returning from New Mexico" and "Thoughts on Floating Bodies," appeared in the May 2013 issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. Two other poems, "The Lily Earrings" and "Evening's Elegy," will appear in the next issue of Third Wednesday.

"The Christian Century" has republished a poem of mine originally published in that magazine in 1998. Thanks to Jill Baumgaertner, "A Parable on Blindness" appears in the May 15th issue.

Stella's poem "All Flesh Grows Old" is featured in the Lent/Easter issue of Pilgrim, an online journal. see

Stella was featured speaker at the annual Bayou Writers Conference, November 10, 2012, in Lake Charles.

She discussed the use of the personal and local in her poetry and read from her published work.

"Finding My Mother's China," a new poem by Stella, was published in The Louisiana Review.

Click here for the publisher of Stella's chapbooks.Stella Nesanovich's chapbook, My Father's Voice is available by clicking here to enter the blog for "Yellow Flag Press."
News Bulletin

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McNeese State University Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Jeanne Daboval, from left, presents Dr. Stella Nesanovich, retired professor of English at McNeese, with a certificate honoring her as Professor Emeritus as Dr. Scott Goins, McNeese professor of classics and coordinator of foreign languages, looks on.


Yellow Flag Press has published a chapbook of Stella's, My Father's Voice.

Stella was interviewed on television on March 20, 2011 for about thirty minutes. Please click here to view/download the video file. The file size is a bit big, but well worth a few minutes.